Teaching Pedagogy

The learning process is very crucial for the overall growth development of students. It is a reflection of an institutions teaching methodology. We believe in being open to new and innovative teaching practices. Being backed up by our dedicated faculty, guest faculty and experts promoters we work extensively in imparting best knowledge student's force.

  • Participative Learning.
  • Case Study method.
  • Live Projects.
  • Role Play Method.
  • Workshops.

Main Point Description is as under :


At Bahjoi Mahavidyalya we encourage our students to interact and participate amongst themselves in discussions and with faculty to enrich themselves throw lectures practical assignments and Live Projects.


The very purpose of management is decision making. The students are make to go throw real life situations and enabling them to understand the actual working of an industry, to interpret complex data, to refine their analytical skills thereby strengthening their ability to resolve organisational issues while working in a complex business environment.


Project work is assigned to students so that they become less trainer dependent. They are on their own so that, thus improving their methodological skills, exposing them more to the complex management issues of the corporate world.


The budding managers are trained to sharpen their abilities of leadership, team building and negotiation skills.


Workshops provide the students with actual hands on experience in the latest upcoming avenues in their respective fields. Experts form various organizations and our own faculty conduct workshops for students.